Delivery Instructions

Terminal CILP
Varci Valessini
Via Pisa, 1
57100 Livorno, Italy

Icon Telefon+39-0586-42103
POC: Elena Chiesa

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Hours of Operation: - Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-5:00pm


Cargo Delivery / Customs Clearance Requirements:

  • Port cut-off: 48 hours prior to vessel’s arrival
  • Appointments SHOULD be made 24 hours in advance when service handling (forklift or crane) are required for load.
  • Drivers are required to hold a Livorno Port Authority issued pass to enter the terminal.
    • Without a pass, you MUST call our office so we, the local agent can get the authorization required from the Port Authority. In this case, we will need:
      • A Copy of the Driver’s I.D
      • License Plate #
  • Customs Procedures: Police Authorization is required for ALL USED units inside the terminal to verify chassis numbers as well as required customs documentation:
    • Original title
    • Original Certificate of Property
    • Copy of the Selling Invoice
  • There is no age limit for POVS or High Heavy Units.
  • Damaged/ Non-running/ Salvage units are allowed to ship if declared as “Damaged Vehicle”
  • Free Time:
    • SP Cars/ Vans (up to 5m long) = 5 days from entry into the port
    • All other Cargo = 20 days from entry into the port
  • Classic Cars (Cars older than 30 years) are allowed to ship with Original Title, Original Certificate of Property and Customs Invoice
  • HAZMAT Units require Multimodal form with all necessary formalities for authorities


Mandatory Documents for Customs and Agents:

  • In the case that customs doc (mod. T1) has already been issued at origin, no other documentation is required.
  • In case we have to issue the T1, we will need the following at the time of delivery:
    • A copy of the selling invoice
    • Packing List (if cargo is boxed, in containers, or on a pallet)
    • Original Title
    • Original Certificate of Property

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